Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. The trend of marketing has seen a drastic change in the past decade as the maximum number of people or buyers are based online. Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands using digital technologies in the Internet by electronic medium. Digital Marketing can also be stated as an upgraded and advanced version of marketing as it works strategically to analyze whether the plans and campaigns work or not in real time.

Let’s begin with the factual impact of Digital Marketing:

80% Advertisers

Around 80% of advertisers trust that the conventional promotion is never again enough and Digital Marketing will make their organization income to be expanded by 30+%

50%+ Organization

50%+ of the organization as of now had a well integrated Digital Marketing Plan n 2018.

IT Spending

More than 80% of organizations will expand their online advertising budget that can even surpass the IT spending plan.

Better Revenue

Google has insisted in an investigation with IPSOS Hong Kong, affirming that 2.8 times better revenue generations can be attained for businesses using digital marketing compared to those who don’t.